Breathing Self Practice

Learn to breathe with products available in the BREATH STORE which has useful tools for your to purchase to build and maintain a breath practice.

From 'A Little Breathing Room' beautifully designed interactive poster for children  audios and videos for adults to encourage you to establish a daily practice which can help you improve your breathing and your overall well-being.

A 20 minute daily breath practice can help you improve your energy levels, manage your stress levels, deepen your sleep pattern, release any unwanted emotions from the body and help you think more clearly. 

All have been created and designed to support a busy lifestyle, whether you are working, parenting and for those interested in establishing a breath-work practice. 


Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

From 2.5 hour Introductory workshops to 1 day urban retreats in London, learn and experience the benefits of conscious breath-work combined with some of the leading natural therapies.  

These immersive experiences are transformative for body, breath and mind.  You can experience the wonders of Transformational Breath combined with cutting edge healing modalities to further your well-being journey.

Lead by professional teachers and guides we offer workshops and day retreats with Dynamic & Yin Yoga, Sonic Healing, Deep Massage, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Cacao Ceremonies, Shamanic healing and more.

Real connections with real people to create extraordinary experiences and personal healing journeys. 

We will be meeting in various venues around London.  

Corporate Wellbeing

Conscious Breath-work is at the core of our corporate WorkWELL programmes.  We offer professional talks and workshops to staff teaching how simple breathing techniques can be used to help manage stress. 

 From 1 hour introductory breath led workshops to all day seminars, we deliver thorough and informative sessions teaching practical and simple exercises for employees to then practice in their own time. 

Online video classes and audio packages are available for in-house intranet use.  Staff can have access to audio breath exercises to aid relaxation while on commute or download relaxing breath-led meditations to help calm the mind before a stressful meeting.

Exercises to follow at the desk are also available to help you adopt a healthier posture and leave you in a calmer state of mind.