Transformational Breath Private Sessions and Prices

Please email or call 07826 205 163 for more info or to book your session.

Private Transformational Breath®  sessions are held in a quiet and relaxing therapy room with the healing sound of music. In the introductory session, after a few preliminary questions, you will learn the theory of Transformational Breath® and then be asked what you would like to gain from the session, be it to learn how to improve your breathing, letting go of unwanted emotions or simply to learn ways of how to feel relaxed.  Throughout the session you will be lying down, in a comfortable position, supported by pillows and blankets. After an analysis of your natural breathing pattern, where you will learn where you hold onto both physical and emotional tension in the body, you will be given gentle, clear instructions to guide your breath into the connected breath unique to Transformational Breath. Pressure (similar to acupressure) will be applied to certain areas of the body to release physical and emotion tension which is often held around the respiratory muscles.  Toning (vocal sound) and movement might also be used to free any negative emotion in the body.  You will continue to use the Transformational Breath® pattern for around 45 minutes to an hour.  You will then return to your normal breathing rhythm.  There is then time for deep relaxation where you lie to allow the process to integrate and complete.  After the session you will have time to discuss your experience and how you can incorporate a self-practice in to your daily life.

Breathing Rooms in London are in: Physical Health Centre, Chiswell Street in Moorgate and Still Point London, Liverpool Street. If you are London based Aimee can offer private and group sessions in your home.

Concessions and children’s rates offered on request.

Please email or call 07826 205 163 for more info and to book your session.

The Breathing Rooms are open during the week and some weekends in the City and she runs workshops and retreats on weekends throughout the year.


£125.00 for initial 90 minute appointment to include a breathing analysis, full teaching of the technique and a complete practice.

£90.00 for 75 minute follow up session

£75 for 60 minute session (must have been to an initial session 90minute session)

Workshops vary but start at £35.00

Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or full payment will be required.


“I found the session amazing, and I use the technique every day several times. It has been a catalyst for a major and sustained improvement in my health”. Rob Allen, London

“Aimee holds an outstanding and safe place to explore this sacred practice. Both my husband and I become closer through the process as well. Much gratitude!”. Mr and Mrs Baker, London

“I found Aimee’s approach to transformational breathing to be accessible and engaging. My experience was that working with Aimee was stimulating to mental creativity, and physically, apart from the terrific sense of well-being at the end of each session, I was surprised to discover I had increased my vocal range for singing by a tone and a half. It is certainly something I have added to my regular wellness regime”. Zoe Playdon, Professor Emeritus of Medical Humanities, University of London.

“Aimee teaches the art of truly deep breathing in a comfortable and charming environment. Breathing correctly gives me more energy, helps me relax and feel less stressed”. Philip Anderson, Director, European Leaders Ltd.

“The Breathing Room is is a sanctuary away from the madness of life in the City. It has helped me to re-centre and re-focus and take a step back for an hour, which makes the office a better place to be.” Hedge-fund Manager, City

“Transformational Breathing is secretly attracting a hugely diverse range of clients, from stressed hedge fund managers responsible for other people’s millions to those who want to lose weight. Transformational Breathing is awesome.” Tatler July 2012

“I really feel as though there has already been a huge shift in every area. I feel much more relaxed and ‘stable’ and my breathing is altogether much better. Both my daughter and my friend who I have not seen for a few weeks, said I looked great and there was definitely something different about me. Thank you for introducing me to this amazing technique!“ Transformational Breath Workshop Attendee

“I am really enjoying this process and find it the most physically, mentally and spiritually effective transformational healing I have experienced, which considering I have been working in this field for over 15 years is quite something”. Elizabeth Taylor, London