Breathwork and the unspoken emotions of Motherhood...

Mum’s The Word: Breath work and the unspoken emotions of motherhood

No one tells you. Not a soul. Not even your closest allies will offer up a whisper, or a warning, of how you may feel when you first become a mum. These mums. They all keep schtum. Until you become one.

My first feeling on entering Motherhood, just before the mild astonishment of a tiny human being appearing out of me, was a unique cocktail of mild bewilderment and betrayal.  Why didn’t anyone warn me? At least hint at the potential horror of labour?! Flashbacks of the glazed eye stare from friends, now made a little more sense. Like looking into the eyes of a war veteran who couldn’t re-live their nightmare to help you prepare for yours. Feelings of confusion arose when I thought of the NCT lady who charged me £180.00 to show me how to bounce on a Pilates ball and exhale like a fat fish out of water.  

It took a while for this new sense of bewilderment to turn into feelings of compassion for friends, as they now felt safe to openly share their own stories. I was given the rational book of excuses: ‘How could we tell you? The human race would cease to exist?!’. I managed to muster up forgiveness for the NCT lady too, regardless of my birth plan reading like a comedy scene left on the labour cutting room floor and not using one of the 23 birthing positions I learned during the 8 week course, she did connect me with a couple of amazing mums who helped me survive on the other side......Read More