Sheer Luxe asks us for Expert Advice on Breathing

When was the last time you checked out how you’re breathing? Surprisingly, this unconscious act may hold the key to wellbeing. Research suggests a significant percentage of British adults aren’t breathing correctly, typically catching short, shallow breaths and failing to use the whole respiratory system. For improved stress levels, heart health and digestion as well as anti-ageing, recent studies indicate deep breathing has the potential to transform mind and body.

To fully understand the benefits, and how to fit it into your day, we caught up with Co-Founder of breathing studio Inspiration Space, Aimee full feature here


Kate Peers, Metro and Madabouttheboys writer, reviews our October Retreat

Inspiration Space at 42 acres in Somerset

I found a short film clip of my father on my computer recently.  In the film, I asked him: “what’s the best advice you could give me for my life?”  He replied, with a smile on his face, ”just keep breathing.”

Nothing more and nothing less. Now, I know that his number one family value was health, without that we can’t do much else, so it made sense watching him back that in all its simplicity, breathing is the most important thing.  Read Full Review Here