Super luxe Balinese loft suite at wasing

Super luxe Balinese loft suite at wasing

"I booked onto the retreat mostly excited that I would be able to have some down time away from my young kids for the weekend and catch on some much needed sleep. However, I totally under-estimated how transformed I would feel by the end of the weekend.  Everything about the retreat was perfect - it was all so thought out.  From the breathing work to the yoga to the delicious soups & smoothies and perfectly nutritious treats we were served in between sessions.  The accommodation was welcoming, warm with helpful notes waiting for us on our pillows.  All the facilitators were on hand at all times ready to answer questions on the sessions we had just had - to what was in the latest fresh juice we had been given.   The sessions themselves were enlightening; everything was explained so thoroughly and I was made to feel extremely comfortable, calm and relaxed within minutes of each session.  I found that the breath work released a lot of emotions for me but again I was so looked after that I left the sessions feeling lighter and happier than I had in a long time and this is how I felt by the end of the weekend really..... It's now been a week since the retreat and I have been practising the breath work for a few minutes a day - I don't think I've ever had a week where I have felt so calm, I fully intend to continue the breath work and would wholeheartedly recommend the retreat to anyone thinking of attending one."  M Lacy, West Sussex


‘I can’t remember the last time I came into work on a Monday morning feeling so refreshed, energised, calm and with such clarity on what I want to achieve (oh and my husband said I looked younger!)  Thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend, from the breathing, yoga, meditation, healthy homemade food and fabulous location. Inspirational instructors and a great group of people made it the perfect weekend and enabled me to return home feeling like a new woman….. count me in on the next one!’  G Lynch, Cheshire

" A delightful, healing experience, comfortable, delicious and challenging, a great combination.   I return to the pace of daily life calmer, softer and more aware.  This retreat has been a complete revelation to me, it has given me the encouragement I needed to make beneficial changes in my approach to life. More importantly  it has shown me that I can experience the wonderful things the world has to offer by coming back to myself, a neglected creature! Thank you for showing me all this, I won't forget it."  Judy  

" This retreat is more than a chill out and relax retreat, the Transformational breathing can be challenging but its also rewarding in the insights it brings. The yoga sessions perfectly complement the breathing, The food is amazing. I will leave knowing a change has taken place"   Anon

"You are really nice people and have been so very kind. This has been really healing for me and really kind, thank you. I loved the yoga and will totally try and practice every day. Thank you so much you have given me so much and I couldn't be more grateful"
Carly - May retreat 2016

"Beautiful retreat. Thank you for your kindness and expertise.  Very well thought out - a healing and informative experience which I can take forward.  Excellent yoga class by Jess - one of the best I have ever taken in 20 years of practice" Annie, May 2016

"Thank you for an amazing experience at Wasing Estate. It was so much more than I expected and your sharing of your knowledge, experience and stories along with your supportive nature really made it special.   Having struggled over the last 6 months to do yoga and manage the on off pain and inflammation from my fibromyalgia it was really inspiring to me to be able to do as much yoga as I did and the emotional release on day 3 has encouraged me to do some 1 to 1 breathing sessions to encourage more healing". Thank you So much.  Love N

" First of all the pain in my lower back that I've had for six months is gone. It didn't go immediately, it went on the Monday night after the weekend. I've been waking up early with a pain in my left hip too, gone. I did some yoga on returning home and I'm about to do some now, I've got up early to do it. So, a tangible 'measurable result' there, as we like to say in the business world.  Smaller, but equally important, and what helped to create that result, were the details that others here have mentioned. Why are they so important? Because they make you feel safe on arrival. You know you've made the right decision straight away to come away and as those loving touches keep coming that feeling of safety, and consequent relaxation of mind and body, continues. It eventually becomes a way of life, and I appreciated every connection, every breath..Multiply that feeling by the number of people in the room and not only are you having a great weekend you feel like you're modelling how life COULD be. If only...Many yoga teachers have said to their classes "If you feel it's right for your body just to lie down for this whole session then honour that" but this is the first time I've ever felt I'd be able to do that, without being judged. By myself. Paradoxically it gave me the energy to go for it, even though I've had a six month gap. I hope it won't be that long before the next session. I have to say I enjoyed being the only man in the group but brothers, if you're not going down the pub on the date our Breathing sisters choose, you might just want to join us"   Tom Morley, London

You were all amazing and it truly was a retreat given with integrity, generosity and love. The little things like the cards for massage, the love drops and the flowers and chocolates were really lovely personal touches rare to find on other retreats”. A Milne-Smith, London




“Thank you and your team so much for this weekend. As I'm sure you could tell, this isn't usually how I process my feelings, but clearly it was necessary. I felt so safe and supported and really appreciated the gentle encouragement to stay even though I was trying to make a dash for it! I felt so happy, energised and calm this morning and definitely want to do more Transformational Breath work” T Gebhardt, Austria

All, thank you for a supportive, insightful, wonderful and hopeful weekend. I will remember it fondly and I'm already looking forward to the next one. D Monihan, Ireland