“Transformational Breathing is secretly attracting a hugely diverse range of clients, from stressed hedge fund managers responsible for other people’s millions to those who want to lose weight.  Transformational Breathing is awesome.”  Tatler Magazine

Our very lives begin and end with the breath. Between the two magical moments of birth and death, most of us will take, on average, 20,000 breaths a day and rarely notice one of them.  We can use our breath to both calm and energise our system yet many of us, living in a fast paced, modernised world are losing touch with this innate ability to restore our energies and return to a more balanced state. 

Looking to nature, we can see that wild animals have an innate ability to "shake off" any life-threatening situations which can create high levels of stress within the body and return to a relaxed state where they are alert and aware without compromising their health and survival needs. Once they have literally shaken off any stressful situation, wild animals are able to sustain normal health, breathe healthily and eat and socialise. 

Humans however,  manage to survive but we rarely thrive with our lives being stressful and with emotional issues constantly hindering our quality of life. Any form of physical or emotional trauma, including subtle prolonged emotional neglect, violent abuse or physical injury can separate us from our instinctive selves. Usually, the breath is the first physiological response to be affected by trauma. The change in breathing patterns is rarely noticed, especially when the trauma begins at a young age, yet the resulting effects on body, mind, emotions and spirit are ultimately profound.

The majority of us have dysfunctional breathing patterns.  We have witnessed this for ourselves over the years, having seen thousands of clients, from athletes to CEO's to children and teenagers, we have learned that humans have simply forgotten how to breathe fully. 

Here are just a list of the ways healthy breathing affects our lives and every system of the body:



  • Optimises use of the diaphragm and releases any tension from this primary breathing muscle.
  • Helps relieve of many long term respiratory difficulties such as asthma and breathlessness.
  • Opens up the chest – releases tension within the intercostal muscles and trapezius muscles allowing for a freer posture. 
  • Relaxes tight muscles thus the tension causing anxiety of "heart attack potential" is reduced.
  • Maintains body balance which supports ease of breathing including proper CO2 elimination.


  • Boosts vital energy and aids detoxification of the body.
  • Reduces stress responses by regulating the nervous system that staves off diverting energy from healthy immune system function. 
  • Accelerates regeneration of tissues by allowing the regenerative systems of the body to heal/regenerate instead of fight off invaders.
  • Speeds recovery from trauma and disease


  •        Boosts blood circulation 
  •        Increases flow of oxygen to oxygen loving organs such as the brain and eyes 
  •        Improves function of the lower lobes of the lungs where the most oxygen rich blood is absorbed
  •        Eases the strain on the heart by increasing oxygen to the heart


  •        Calms a chronic "fright or flight" anxiety state 
  •        Optimum use of the diaphragm increases the functioning of the parasympathetic nervous system.  
  •        Stimulates Vagus Nerve which is a primary nerve for feelings of love and joy.


  •       Proper diaphragmatic breathing helps massage the internal digestive organs
  •       Helps alleviate IBS, Constipation 
  •       Working with the parasympathetic system helps the digestive system rest and heal.


  •        Helps eliminate excess fluids through the breath
  •        Reduces swelling of the body 
  •        Decreases stress on organs of elimination, thus helping the body to naturally cleanse and tonify


  •        Increases depth and continuity of lymphatic fluid circulation which helps speed recovery after major illnesses 


  •        Upper body strength is directly affected by proper breathing
  •        Helps release tension in the psoas muscle which is shares connective tissue with the diaphragm
  •        Feeling better and more present in your body naturally leads to a greater desire to exercise for health and enjoyment
  •        Improves coordination and grace via greater relaxation and self-awareness


  •        Releases and reduces muscular tension that eventually may cause structural problems
  •        Improves posture by freeing up the muscles the skeleton can be more agile and free
  •        Helps increase flexibility and strength of joints; when you breathe easier you move easier  


  •        Reduces wrinkles due to improved circulation and blood oxygen flow
  •        Results in radiant skin at any age
  •        Replaces energy lost during the natural process of ageing


  •        Improves power of mental concentration and observation
  •        Lower stress levels lead to higher productivity, greater learning capacity, better decision making
  •        Connect with your intuition more so you can be inspired with new ideas
  •        Increases positive thinking as the nervous system is more relaxed


  •        Increases feelings of safety, nurturing and self-acceptance
  •        Produces profound relaxation and inner peace (think: grace under pressure and courage under fire)
  •        Reverses effects of stress related to self-defeating habits and tendencies, including childhood traumas and cultural conditioning
  •        Strengthens coping skills
  •        Enhances sense of self and inner power 
  •        Produces heightened self-awareness and self-love which leads to healthier life 


  •        Deepens meditation or spiritual connection
  •        Heightens intuition
  •        Deepens yoga practice
  •        Balances subtle energy systems affecting all the bodies: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual
  •        Enhances creativity


  •        Relaxation, self-love and self-acceptance leads to greater compassion for others
  •        Helps clarify and strengthen boundaries and take responsibility for their role in relationships 
  •        Increases awareness and management of subtle energies within and around you and others
  •        Regulates intensity of orgasm
  •        Higher relaxation levels and self-love lead to more compatible partner choices
  •        Improves intimacy

I am really enjoying this process and find it the most physically, mentally and spiritually effective transformational healing I have experienced.  Considering I have been working in this field for over 15 years, this is quite something.  Elizabeth Taylor, London